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So you wanna know about me? 

The Start

Leonn Marcel Meade aka LEONN is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer from London England. His career in the music industry started back in 1999 when he was established as one of the most sought after session drummers stemming from the depths of the London music scene. His dynamic groove and musciality tied him up with the likes of Jay Sean, Nate James, Myron, Frank McComb, Blue, Graffiti 6, The London Community Gospel Choir and Terri Walker to name just a few. As a singer he began experimenting with genres he loved most, blazing his vocals over RnB, Rock and Gospel but found his true love buried in Soul and Funk. In 2015 he released his debut single 'Invisible Me', a disco funk, feel good track which paved his way gaining a huge amount of love both in the underground scene and on the mainstream radio. The second single 'It's the Life' and the EP titled 'Invisible Me' came shortly after introducing himself to the world as the pioneer of the 'New Funk Era' and so the journey continues. 


The Background 

Son of the 'God Father of British Gospel Music', the Rev Bazil Meade, LEONN was exposed to and influenced by the most outstanding musicians and artists the world has ever known. His father, founder of the London Community Gospel Choir, is the pioneer of British Gospel and has collaborated live and in the studio with the biggest names in history, from Stevie Wonder to Paul McCartney and all those inbetween. 


"My father had me mingling with Chaka Khan, Playing drums next to Phil Collins and recording in the studio with Luther Vandross when I was just a teenager. I have been blessed with such an exciting musical Journey"- LEONN 



The Music 

LEONN's music is funky and undeniably soulful. The foundation is the obvious drums and bass grooves that seem to put his listeners into a dancing trance. This is his take on the funk and the uniqueness enevitably shines through his songs which are full of ugly face making riffs and pretty melodies. What a combination eh? His polished production and soulful vocals cover the cake and the icing has never tasted so good. 


The Influences 

His influences are evident with a bit of James brown, Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire. He would spend hours listening to the likes of Sam Cooke, Mint Condition, Bobby Womack and Prince of course. 


"We cannot recreate what the pioneers have done, we can only absorb the goodness and plant new seeds so that our creations may grow"


BBC Introducing 

This is me showing some love back to the BBC Introducing team for all the support they have shown myself and many unsigned, up and coming artists. I performed the single 'It's the Life' live acousticly. What a great memory this is. A Round of applause please!!! 

LEONN and father the Rev Bazil Meade together after his debut performance at the famous Jazz Cafe Camden, London 7th July 2014. 

Animated digital picture by 'Magikgin Art' for @iDesignprintwork. 

Life is a serious as we take it. Make it animated and nothing is impossble


My studio is my solitude 

People often ask me what I do in my spare time and I simply say, "Make music". It's like I made a vow to live my life devoted to the spirit of music. I hear music everywhere, when the birds sing, when I'm on the train, in the shower, it really all comes to life but my place of peace is the place where I create and express myself most. The studio. It's a place where I learn about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses. I have had so many nights figuring out how I feel about my life and why I feel it, asking myself the questions I know I'll soon have the answers to. So when you hear my music you will hear my story, my heart and soul and everything I have embedded into it. 

Check out the footage from my first rehearsal preparing for a debut performance at the Jazz Cafe London, 7th July 2014. 


Drums - Josh aka MckNasty 

Bass - Dean Mark 

Keys -  Nathaniel Ledwedge

Keys - Gabe P Mantell

Guitar - Ryan Haberfield

Vocals - Becky Thomas

Vocals - Annie Bowen  



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